The proceedings of the stay:


A pick-up will be made upon your arrival at the airport. A private driver will drop you off at the hotel where your reservation has already been registered.


Arrival in Istanbul: our driver welcomes you and accompanies you to your hotel to settle in. You will receive your treatment plan from our medical coordinator.


Our driver will accompany you to the clinic. You will first start by taking a panoramic X-ray and then your care will begin. This is an important and fairly long day of dental preparation which will end up with taking your dental impressions.

DAY 5 or 6 *

Crown fitting: this day is important as it is dedicated to the adjustment of your crowns if required.

*It all depends on how long the crowns have been made.

DAY 6 or 7*

Final fitting: the crowns will be fixed and polished. You'll receive all the post-operative advice you need.

*It all depends on how long the crowns have been made.


Departure: return home with your new smile.

Necessary documentation to travel to Turkey

  1. French citizens can travel to Turkey either with their passport or just their identity card.
  2. If you are not a French nationality citizen, we invite you to consult the necessary documents on the site
  3. The official website of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism indicates that it is mandatory to apply online.
  4. For some nationalities, a visa issued by the Turkish consulate will be imperative. You will have to consider this delivery time when planning your stay.
  5. Our advisors will once again be at your side to take these steps.

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