zircone avant et après
What Do I Need to Know about the Zirconia Crown Before and After: Advice and Price?

The zirconia crown is a dental prosthesis that is increasingly popular among patients. It has many characteristics and advantages. These make the zirconia crown the leading aesthetic dental solution today. But how much does a zirconia crown cost? Find out everything you need to know about a zirconia crown before and after advice and price.

What Is a Zirconia Crown?

A zirconia crown is a dental crown model made of zirconium oxide. It is a white metal that sparkles like diamonds. Strong and durable, zirconia crowns are often used to restore both front and back teeth. They can therefore be used to cover a tooth that is in poor condition or has become devitalized. However, zirconia crowns are more preferred for restoring teeth to give them a natural aesthetic. In addition, the zirconia crown is usually composed of an inner part made of zirconia and an outer part structured in cosmetic ceramic. For this reason, the zirconia crown is also called a ceramic-ceramic crown or a zirconia ceramic crown. With its characteristics, the zirconia crown offers the patient a high degree of aesthetic dentistry and many advantages.

Les avantages d'une couronne zircone

The zirconia crown is a dental prosthesis that does not have a metal frame. In addition, because of its components, it allows you to enjoy:

  •  An outstanding natural aesthetic result;
  •  A high resistance and a long-life span;
  •  A high thermal resistance, without any unpleasant sensation unlike metal crowns;
  •  Good protection of the gums, as it is perfectly resistant to bacteria.

In addition to all these advantages, the zirconia crown is perfectly biocompatible. In other words, it is biologically compatible with the human body.

What Is the Price of a Zirconia Crown?

The price of a zirconia crown varies according to many important factors:

  •  The brand of zirconia material to be used and the country in which it is manufactured;
  •  The number of teeth to be treated;
  •  The complexity of the treatment;
  •  The experience of the dentist and the dental technician in charge of the treatment, etc.

Depending on the country where the zirconia crown is made, the price of a zirconia crown is divided as follows:

  •  France: one unit of zirconia crown costs 1000 euros;
  •  Spain: one zirconia crown unit costs 450 euros;
  •  Turkey: one zirconia crown unit costs 380 euros.

If you want to put 4 zirconia crowns on your teeth, you just have to multiply the unit price in your country of choice by 4. In France, for example, this will cost you 4000 euros. In Spain, you should expect to pay 1800 euros and 1520 euros in Turkey.
For these reasons, French patients prefer to travel to Turkey to have zirconia crowns fitted. Such dental trip allows them to save money, which can reach about 70% in some cases.

Case Simulation: Before/after One-time Dental Reconstruction

It is assumed that the recommended treatment is 2 zirconia bridges (20 units).

  •  The condition of the teeth before treatment: stained, damaged and partly weakened by the placement of a dental implant.
  •  Desired final result after treatment: healthy, white teeth with a natural, lasting appearance.
  •  Recommended treatment: 2 permanent bridges, each consisting of 10 units, with a pure zirconia crown on a natural tooth.
  •  Price in France 20,000 euros.
  •  Price in Spain 9000 euros.
  •  Price in Turkey 5600 euros.

As you can see, the prices of zirconia crowns in Turkey are more beneficial. And according to the opinions of patients who have already experienced this option, the support is comprehensive. First of all, you receive a complete estimate that provides you with all possible information on the dental assessment, the design of the crown and the fitting; then help with the organisation of the trip and a connection with the clinic. Finally, you will receive reliable post-operative follow-up.