The Latest Method

The DHI is the latest method in the hair transplant market. It is a kind of evolution of the FUE.

The extraction is done similarly to the FUE, i.e. at the back of the skull, the hair follicle is extracted one by one to be implanted in the areas to be covered.

Implantation is different in that a CHOI pen is used to insert each graft.

The CHOI pen consists of a hollow needle, a tube and a piston device.

The dermatological surgeon inserts each graft into the CHOI pen using the hollow needle, which is introduced into the patient's scalp at an angle of 40-45°. The graft is implanted by pressing on the plunger.

This method is highly recommended for women because it does not require shaving the entire skull.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is painless.

Our team offers two types of anaesthesia:

Dermojet is a local anesthetic injected into the scalp using a device in the form of a pressure pen. The 1/10 ml intradermal injection is performed at a pressure of 100 kg/cm2, and the very fine jet perforates the skin, instantly producing a characteristic large papule.

Sedation allows the patient, with the help of a sedative that is administered to him, not to suffer and not to be aware of what is happening for some time.

The duration of the procedure and the number of grafts vary according to each patient. It will be defined during your interview with your medical adviser.

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