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Eyebrows play an important role in the general aesthetics of the face for both men and women. The shape, density, and position of the eyebrows will shape the expression and character of the face.

Eyebrow transplantation is a surgical technique that lengthens the line of the eyebrows and increases their hair. It effectively replaces permanent make-up and tattooing and will offer a more natural aesthetic result without leaving scars.

Similarly to hair transplant, eyebrow transplant follows a process consisting in taking hair from an area where the regrowth is perpetual, to graft it where necessary.

Accordingly, the eyebrow transplant makes it possible to draw a pretty line of the eyebrow and rebalance the look. It will fill in sparse eyebrows due to intensive hair removal, very low hair growth, or aging. It can also intervene following an accident or a trauma having affected the line of one or both eyebrows or to rectify a malformation.

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