blanchiment dentaire en turquie
Teeth Whitening in Turkey: How Much Does It Cost?

In a society where a beautiful smile is an indispensable calling card for better social and professional relationships, tooth whitening has become commonplace. It is an aesthetic treatment that consists of lightening yellowed or browned teeth. Thanks to this technique, your smile will be brighter and your teeth will regain their original colour.

However, the price of this operation is far from being accessible to all. Fortunately, there are destinations where you can get this treatment at a lower cost. The best known is, of course, Turkey. Are you planning to go to Turkey to get your teeth whitened and would you like to know the budget for this procedure? You are on the right page.

Why Consider Tooth Whitening in Turkey?

The change in tooth colour starts with the enamel. After eating and chewing food, a thin layer begins to form on the enamel layer called the pellicle. During the eating process, this coating is undetectable, but it attracts various food stains. These surface stains are then absorbed by the porous enamel, which stores them.

Over time, the constant eating process will cause stains that are difficult to remove. While it is unlikely that staining of the teeth can be completely avoided, certain foods and situations exacerbate the process. This is the case with dark coloured liquids such as coffee and red wine.

In addition, certain lifestyles such as smoking and poor dental care can contribute to more intense tooth discolouration. Certain antibiotics used to treat chronic diseases and the body's natural aging process can also cause severe staining of the teeth.

The main advantage of having tooth whitening in Turkey is that you get this dental treatment at a price between 40 and 80% cheaper than in many other European countries such as France. Dental clinics in Turkey use the latest technology for teeth whitening. They are renowned for their thoroughness, the experience of their dentists and the quality of the equipment used.

For the record, laser or LED lamps are used systematically for teeth whitening. But how is such an operation performed?

How is Tooth Whitening Performed in Turkey?

It is a procedure that is performed in a dental office by a dental surgeon. Prior to the procedure, the dentist must carry out a thorough oral check-up in order to detect possible contraindications, such as

  • Cavities;
  • devitalized teeth;
  • too thin or damaged enamel;
  • gingivitis or periodontitis.

If you have gum disease or cavities, the dentist will recommend that you postpone the procedure until the serious problems have been treated.

There are also two different ways to perform this treatment. Firstly, chairside whitening which is carried out in two stages with the creation of a dental arches' impression allowing the moulding of a flexible, custom-made silicone mouthpiece. During the second stage, the dentist fills the tray with a highly concentrated whitening gel, which is applied to the teeth for 20 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, taking into account the initial state of the enamel. The teeth are then scaled.

Afterward, ambulatory whitening takes place, and a mouthpiece will be made by the dentist The dentist will provide a less concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel that the patient will take home. Depending on the prescription, the patient will have to wear the mouthpiece for between 15 and 60 minutes a day, for a duration ranging between one and two weeks.

Finally, there is laser whitening. Before this procedure begins, the dentist will clean your teeth to remove tartar and plague if any remains. This step prepares the enamel for the teeth whitening procedure.

How Much Does tooth whitening cost in Turkey?

Most dental clinics in Turkey offer their international clients packages for teeth whitening which include:

  • transportation from the airport to the hotel and clinic;
  • Translators (if required);
  • consultation;
  • second diagnosis and assistance from a case manager.

As you can see, Turkey would be an excellent option if you need to whiten your teeth without spending a lot of money. The average price for teeth whitening in this country is 250 euros, the minimum price is 200 euros and the maximum price is 300 euros. However, it is important to bear in mind that the final cost depends on:

  • the complexity of the procedure
  • the clinic;
  • the location of the clinic and the doctor you choose;
  • machines;
  • the equipment needed;
  • the expertise of the dentist and the duration of the treatment.