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Faire de la micro pigmentation cheveux en Turquie tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Micro-pigmentation of hair is a non-surgical tattooing technique that represents an alternative to hair transplantation. It imitates the presence of hair follicles by tattooing thousands of microdots that look like hair roots. Would you like to learn more about this technique? This article gives you more information on this subject.

Why Do a Hair Micro-Pigmentation in Turkey?

Micro-pigmentation of hair is usually done to remedy partial or complete Hair Loss. This micro-pigmentation of the hair can be used to densify the scalpe, to complete a hair transplant or to mask scars.

You can also opt for hair micro-pigmentation to redo your eyebrows, as this hair simulation solution is quick and easy to implement. Financially speaking, micro-pigmentation of hair is much more affordable than a hair transplant.

In Istanbul, Turkey, hair micro-pigmentation and other services for hair problems are considered the best in the world because they are 80% cheaper than in Europe.

Where Can I Get my Hair Micro-Pigmented?

In Istanbul and various other cities in Turkey, there are a large number of agencies specialising in medical tourism, which offer hair micro-pigmentation services. They guarantee high quality care and offer personal assistance for successful hair micro-pigmentation.

How Can I Benefit from the Micro-Pigmentation of my Hair?

In order to undergo a hair micro-pigmentation treatment, it is important to first choose an agency of your choice. However, as the technique of hair micro-pigmentation is quite delicate, be sure to choose your host institution carefully.

Indeed, before benefiting from micro-pigmentation of the hair, you must consult a specialist and explain your concerns. He or she will examine you and explain the procedure to you. Once the specialist is convinced that you need a micro-pigmentation of your hair, taking into account your schedule, he or she will schedule a date and the necessary fees for your treatment will be communicated to you.

For the results of the hair micro-pigmentation to be effective, the operation is done with the help of an electric machine using 0.30 millimetre needles that insert the pigment into the layer of your skin.

What Precautions Should I Take After a Hair Micro-Pigmentation?

After a hair micro-pigmentation, you can continue your activities safely. In addition, you should accept that your scalp is slightly redder. To maintain your hair micro-pigmentation, you will have to stop sports for a while. You will also have to stop going to the pool, avoid the sauna and protect your head from the sun.